In which country can Wi-fine4me be installed ?
Wi-fine4me in certified CE and can be used in any country.

What devices work with Wi-fine4me ?
Wi-fine4me currently works with all Wi-Fi devices (802.11 / a / b /g / n)

How can I set up my Wi-fine4me ?
You can do so by using any navigator connected to the internet (on PC, tablet or smartphone)

Do I need to keep my existing Internet Service Provider box?
Yes, absolutely as it is your ISP (Internet Service Provider) that provides the internet to your home! On the other hand, you can turn off your ISP’s Wi-Fi and remplace it with Wi-fine4me.

Do I plug in my Wi-fine4me directly to the box?
Yes, Wi-fine4me directly connects to your existing box via a RJ45 cable. You can actually connect multiple Wi-fine4me to your box (i.e. 1 for each room where you need Wi-Fi) If your home has a cabled network, just plug in the Wi-fine4me into your RJ45 wall socket; if not, it also works with CPL (Communication Power Line) plugs that brings internet to a non-cabled room thanks to the existing electrical wiring.

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