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Revolutionary concept in non-invasive Wi-Fi

Revolutionary concept in non-invasive Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi where I like it, when I like it!

This is now possible with Wi-fine4me. It provides efficient and reliable Wi-Fi signal, whilst respecting people and their way of life.Control the power of your Wi-Fi, switch it on and off either directly or remotely; manage the timing of wifi accessibility.... these are some of the functions offered by Wi-fine4me.

Eco-designed Wi-Fi router, made in France!

Our unique eco-design makes Wi-fine4me special. Made out of wood extracted from sustainably managed forests, the box is produced in France. Assembled in the Lyon area, transport is kept to a minimum in order to ensure short distances for transport and distribution. This also helps create local jobs for local people!


Control the power of the signal, switch it on or off directly on the Directly on the router itself or Remotely via a web application available on smartphones, tablets or computer

Time slots scheduling

Select the scheduling you need by controling time limits for Wi-Fi.

Control the power

The web application enables users to turn on or off the router, extend or limit the Wi-Fi signal range and change the password for increased parental control

Non-invasive Wi-Fi

Revolutionary concept in non-invasive Wi-Fi
Flexi-wave control provides fine control over signal power on a room by room basis. For example, you can have Wi-Fi in the lounge but not in your kids' bedrooms leading to great parental control and health benefits. This prevents your children from being over-exposed to unnecessary electromagnetic waves.

Choose if you want Wi-Fi and don't get over-exposed to electromagnetic waves

Wi-Fi waves interferences occur when several Wi-Fi signals are emmited at the same place and received by the same device. Such interferences downgrade drastically data transfer quality and speed.Because you have the freedom to switch off your Wi-Fi signal, or reduce it's reach whenever you want, you have the power to protect you and those you love from excessive and constant exposure to electromagnetic waves. This is even more important for young children, pregnant women or people suffering from hyper electrosensitivity (EHS). There an estimated 13millions people suffering from EHS in Europe to date.

Secure & Safe Wi-Fi

Because our Wi-Fi router, Wi-fine4me, offers localized Wi-Fi; people outside of your house cannot access your Wi-Fi network hence protecting you from hacking of data. Signal power can be easily managed on-demand via an intuitive web application available on smartphones, tablets and computers.

Great design for great interiors...

Because we don't want to hide Wi-Fi routers anymore, we have designed a router that integrates in any architectural style and becomes a decorative item itself.

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